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3-Dimensional Designs

At Charleston Cabinets Inc., every cabinet, panel, and molding detail is meticulously designed and drawn by our team with

state-of-the-art 3-dimensional software using precise measurement calculations.  

Cabinetry Built Like Furniture

With our detailed designs in hand, our manufactures utilize the latest manufacturing technology in the fabrications of high-quality custom cabinetry.  With care and precision, true craftsmen deliver cabinetry built like furniture.  


Beautiful Finishes

Cabinet finishes include hand-wiped stains, solid paint, hand- applied brush stoke, antique glaze, and high gloss finishing.  Custom fabrication and finishes create each client a truly custom-designed look.


• Available exclusively through independent KraftMaid dealers. 

• All-plywood construction comes standard.

• Offering ultimate design flexibility.

• Custom Height & widths modifications to 1/16"

• Choose Standard or any specified custom Color.

• Glass & wood inserts include standard matching interiors.

• Extensive design upgrade selections available.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 8.35.32 AM.jpg

• Available exclusively through independent Marsh dealers. 

• Solid wood, Full and Standard-overlay frame options

• veneer or MDF end panels

• Concealed 6 way hinges, adjustable with soft-close function

• Available dovetailed drawers, with soft close option

• Available in all plywood construction.

All our cabinetry carries the KCMA Certification Seals meeting established and proven standards for performance and durability, and are manufactured in an environmentally sound manner with consideration for the sourcing for raw materials, and manufacturing processes.

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